Technology and Ethics

Week Topic Readings
1 Introduction; Philosophical Writing; Major
Ethical Theories 1
Chudnoff “Argumentation”
Pryor “Guidelines on Reading Philosophy”
Rachels “Cultural Relativism”
2 Major Ethical Theories 2 Gronholz “Consequentialism”
O’Neill “Kantian Ethics Simplified”
Friend “Social Contract Theory”
Himma “Philosophy of Law”
3 Are we Using Technology too Much? Twenge “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?”
Turkle “Stop Googling, Let’s Talk”
Carr “Is Google Making us Stupid?”
Urban “Online Dating: Good Thing or Bad Thing?”
Graff “7 Research-Based Reasons Online Dating Doesn’t Work”
Walters “Online Dating is Eroding Humanity”
4 Free Speech on the Internet Singer, “Free Speech and Fake News”
McElwee “The Case for Censoring Hate Speech”
5 Ethics in Video Games and the Morality of
Virtual Acts
Luck “The Gamer’s Dilemma”
Bartel “The Solution to Gamer’s Dilemma”
6 Sexbots Levy “Robot prostitutes”
Gildea & Richardson “Sex robots: why we should be concerned”
Danaher “Robotic rape and robotic child sexual abuse”
7 Ethics of Reproductive Technology Chadwick and Strange “The Ethics of Nonmedical Sex Selection”
Kass “The Wisdom of Repugnance”
Ridley “The New Eugenics”
8 Human Enhancement Sandel, “The Case Against Perfection”
Bostrom, “Why I want to be a Posthuman when I Grow up”
Garcia & Sandler “Enhancing Justice?”, Harris “Chemical Cognitive Enhancement”
9 Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: How to Treat
Schwitzgebel & Garza “AI rights”
Peterson “Designing People to Serve”
Walker “A Moral Paradox in the Creation of AI”
10 Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: Automation
and Unemployment
Walker “BIG and Technological Unemployment”
Autor “Why Are there Still so Many Jobs?”
11 Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: AGI and
Intelligence Explosion
Dreyfus & Kelly “What Watson Can’t Do”
Chalmers “The Singularity: a Philosophical Analysis”
12 Simulation and Brain Uploading