Services Links

-> study epidemics and pandemics. when and where did they spread. what are the
   symptoms?  how did the government deal with them? how many affected? etc

   coronavirus, ebola, h1n1, cholera, dengue fever, 
   influenza, hiv/aids, plague, measles, pmallpox

-> study other major causes of death in humans like:

   heart, respiratory diseases, stroke, cancer, accidents,
   alzheimer’s disease, diabetes


-> study the story of the richest people (and families) in india

   ambani, azim premji, shiv nadar, lakshmi mittal, uday kotak, birla, chandra 
   shekhar ghosh,  cyrus poonawalla, adani, jindal, bangur, balakrishna, bajaj,
   piramal, pillai, godrej, mahindra, muhoot, nilekani

-> turing award recipients and their achievements in the field of computing
   perlis, minsky, dijkstra, knuthm allen newell, herbert simon, dana scott, backus
   floyd, iverson, hoare, ken thompson, dennis ritchie, sutherland, milner, lampson, 
   pnueli, engelbart, fred brooks, rivest, shamir, adelman, alan kay, peter naur, 
   frances allen, liskov, lamport, diffie, hellman, tim berners-lee, etc.