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The 11 sites are Imdb, RT, Metacritic, UMR, Films101, Letterboxd, CSM, Business Insider, Total Film, Roger Ebert, & Leonard Maltin

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Some Grooks by Piet Hein

Problems worthy 
of attack 
prove their worth 
by hitting back. 

Put up in a place 
where it's easy to see 
the cryptic admonishment 
When you feel how depressingly 
slowly you climb, 
it's well to remember that 
      Things Take Time. 

The road to wisdom? - Well, it's plain 
and simple to express: 
   and err 
   and err again 
   but less 
   and less 
   and less. 

Those who always
know what’s best
a universal pest

He that lets
the small things bind him
leaves the great
undone behind him.

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Savoyard Philosopher and Terry Pratchett

Reminds me of a Savoyard Philosopher;

“In the whole vast domain of living nature there reigns an open violence, a kind of prescriptive fury which arms all the creatures to their common doom. As soon as you leave the inanimate kingdom, you find the decree of violent death inscribed on the very frontiers of life. You feel it already in the vegetable kingdom: from the great catalpa to the humblest herb, how many plants die, and how many are killed. But from the moment you enter the animal kingdom, this law is suddenly in the most dreadful evidence. A power of violence at once hidden and palpable … has in each species appointed a certain number of animals to devour the others. Thus there are insects of prey, reptiles of prey, birds of prey, fishes of prey, quadrupeds of prey. There is no instant of time when one creature is not being devoured by another. Over all these numerous races of animals man is placed, and his destructive hand spares nothing that lives. He kills to obtain food and he kills to clothe himself. He kills to adorn himself, he kills in order to attack, and he kills in order to defend himself. He kills to instruct himself and he kills to amuse himself. He kills to kill. Proud and terrible king, he wants everything and nothing resists him.

From the lamb he tears its guts and makes his harp resound … from the wolf his most deadly tooth to polish his pretty works of art; from the elephant his tusks to make a toy for his child - his table is covered with corpses … And who in all of this will exterminate him who exterminates all others? Himself. It is man who is charged with the slaughter of man … So it is accomplished … the first law of the violent destruction of living creatures. The whole earth, perpetually steeped in blood, is nothing but a vast altar upon which all that is living must be sacrificed without end, without measure, without pause, until the consummation of things, until evil is extinct, until the death of death.”

Sir Terry Pratchett said this exact thing, only a bit more poetically lets say:

The Patrician took a sip of his beer. “I have told this to few people, gentlemen, and I suspect I never will again, but one day when I was a young boy on holiday in Uberwald I was walking along the bank of a stream when I saw a mother otter with her cubs. A very endearing sight, I’m sure you will agree, and even as I watched, the mother otter dived into the water and came up with a plump salmon, which she subdued and dragged on to a half-submerged log. As she ate it, while of course it was still alive, the body split and I remember to this day the sweet pinkness of its roes as they spilled out, much to the delight of the baby otters who scrambled over themselves to feed on the delicacy. One of nature’s wonders, gentlemen: mother and children dining upon mother and children. And that’s when I first learned about evil. It is built into the very nature of the universe. Every world spins in pain. If there is any kind of supreme being, I told myself, it is up to all of us to become his moral superior.”


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